+ We are escort directory only, not an agency

– we are an escort directory (an advertising platform), not an escort agency. We do not arrange meetings between the Advertisers and Clients!

– if you want to work as an independent escort and manage your clients yourself, please register an account as “Independent escort” and start to advertise.

+ Who can advertise in our directory?

– Only independent escort providers and escort agency providers can create an account. Is not allowed to create account for WebCams, pornsites or dating sites. For such a websites we can offer a paid banner place.

+ I am an independent escort provider. How can I register an Ad?

– to start advertising, please, create “independent escort” account via www.frescort.com
Please, log in to your account, fill required information about yourself and upload your photos. Once your account is approved, you will be notified and you can start to advertise.

– if you have website url address is necessary to place our banner on your website home page to visible positions. If you would have problem to manage this, please ask our support for help

I have an agency. How can we register an Ad?

– to start advertising, please, create “Escort agency” account via https://www.f
Please, log in to your account, first fill in information about your agency and then you can add profiles of your escorts. Each profile represents only 1 person. Profiles with photos of different people or duplicate profiles are not allowed. Once your account is approved, you will be notified and you can start to advertise.
– Each profile represents only 1 person. Profiles with photos of different people or duplicate profiles are not allowed. Once your account is approved, you will be notified and you can start to advertise.
+ Is advertising for free?

-Yes, you can advertise for free on our directory. To reach better visibility you can activate premium advertising any time you want.

+ How do I make a great profile?

 -If you provide a complete profile with accurate information, you will increase the number and quality of the results you get from it.

Put real photos, at least 3 photos in gallery are required

Take time to provide a good description

List only the services you provide

Add rates

Make sure your phone number is correct

Verify your profile – herewith you will increase visibility of your Ad

Please don’t!

Post fake listings or fake photos – such a profiles will be deactivated

Use ALL CAPS, it looks CHEAP

Use regular names. Clients like friendly escorts (Sara, Rebecca, Tina, etc…)

Upload hardcore pictures

+ How are Ads sorted?

Ads at each location except home page are published in this order:

1. Ads PREMIUM VERIFIED – Ads rotates at interval
2. Ads PREMIUM UNVERIFIED – Ads rotates in at interval
4. Ads VERIFIED which logged within last 14 days
7. Ads UNVERIFIED which logged within last 30 days

On home page are Ads with PREMIUM status only and they change randomly with each page refresh.

+ Do I need to have my own website to advertise?

Independent escort providers do not have to have their own website to advertise on our directory. Agency may provide an agency website. Agency without URL website looks untrusted and in this case, we require at least 3 verified girls to activate such an account.

+ What does Verified sign mean?

You can verify your Ad by sending us the verification photo with all requirements. Verified Ad reaches better visibility (it is always published before unverified Ads). Verification also increases the credibility of your Ad too.

To verify your profile, please log in and click on a blue button “Verify me” and follow the instructions. Verification is reviewed within max 48 hours.

+ What does Unverified sign mean?

It means that we are not able to confirm the authenticity of the Ad because verification was not provided. Unverified Ads are less popular and appear under verified Ads.

+ What does Premium status mean?

– If you want to be on the TOP positions in the city, country, tours,  pages, etc you have to activate premium status . Please, be aware that verified profiles with active Premium status are published above unverified profiles with Premium status. We recommend this option if you mainly provide services in your city and country.

– Premium status costs 6$/week. Payment is one time, we do not have recurring payment.
Premium status will bring you at least 60 times bigger traffic and visibility to wealthy clients.
+ What does VIP status mean
VIP status is meant for the regular members (wealthy gentlemen) who want to…
VIP status is 4$/week. Payment is one time, we do not have recurring payment.
– accepted payment methods are online with a debit card and via bank transfer

+ Can I pause premium advertising (TOP / VIP status)?

– Premium and VIP status is always paid for a minimum of 7 days.
– It is also paused in case your account is deactivated by administrator or Ad is in approval mode.

+ What to do if the payment is declined?

– please, first check out, why the payment was declined. If you need additional help, please contact our helpdesk on info@frescort.com.

– sometimes also helps, if you try different browser.

+ How can I buy a paid banner on your directory?

– if you are interested in any of the paid banners in our directory, please, contact our helpdesk on info@frescort.com. Banners can be purchased for a minimum of 1 month and longer. Accepted payment method is online with your payment card or via bank transfer.

+ Can I have Ad published in two or more cities?

– 1 Ad is published only at 1 location at a time.
+ Do you travel to different cities? When should I set a city tour?

– in this case, you can simply change the location of your Ad at the Edit profile section. We recommend this in case you change the location for a longer time.

– if you travel somewhere for a shorter period (days or weeks), then we recommend setting a tour. Tours can be easily set in your account. You choose dates and location.
– during the tour dates your Ad is published only at your Tour location and once your Tour is finished, it is automatically published again at your original location.
Tour is 4$/week contact us via info@frescort.com to approve them.

+ I forgot password. How can I reset my password?

– you can reset your password any time via…

+ How can clients contact me?

– clients can contact you via direct message button on your profile. Or through the phone you published.

+ I made some changes, why is my profile not active now?

– if you make any changes in 

– if you make any changes in your account (photos, description, services, etc…) your listing goes to the pending mode and has to be approved by our administrator. Usually, it takes a few hours before your profile is reviewed but a maximum of 48 hours.

+ Can I disable reviews on my Ad?

– it is not possible to disable this function, it is always enabled. You can always post a reply to each review.

+ Can I use fake photos in my Ad (I do not want to show myself)?

No! it is not allowed for users to upload fake pictures. If we find such profile the whole account will be deactivated immediately. If this account has premium or VIP status, money will not be refunded. Users can provide verification photos to prove that profile is real. Verification photo requirements are stated in each user account. Verification photo is for internal use only and it will never be published.

– to keep your privacy, you can blur face or crop head on your profile photos, however, it is required that it is you on the photos

+ Untrusted agency / club

– in case the agency does not have its own agency website or we receive many fake reports, we always ask to verify 3 to 5 profiles to activate such an account.

+ Phishing attacks

– please, be aware that there are many hackers online who can try to get your data. Please, never log in via unknown or weird links you receive in SMS, Whatsapp or any other way. Hackers usually use our logo and similar urls and pretend to be from our team. It´s called phishing attack. All big companies todays face such an attacks from time to time. In case you receive any suspicious message, please, contact us first to make sure if it is real or it is some scam.

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