6 Health Benefits of sex. Number 2 will shock you

Do you know that an orgasm a day can keep the doctor away? Sounds too good to be true I know. Well, it isn’t! Sex and orgasms are brilliant for you, no matter how you identify, who you go to bed with, or what’s between your legs, orgasms are really great for your health, both physically and mentally.
Before we dive into the medical reasons, there are a few other benefits we need to talk about. Firstly, masturbation helps us to figure out what we like in the bedroom, what works for us and more importantly, what doesn’t. As we show in our masturbation films , some personal time is a normal and healthy aspect of human sexuality and has so many benefits.
On the whole people that regularly masturbate report to have happier, healthier, and more satisfying sex lives than those that don’t. It doesn’t matter whether the sex you have is solo, with a partner, or with lots of partners, it all counts! Having regular positive sexual encounters can also help us to know what’s ‘normal’ for us as individuals. It’s also worth pointing out that regular masturbation helps us to notice any changes that may occur to our genital area, this means that if we notice something odd, we can get ourselves to the doctor far quicker.

6 healthy reasons to have sex

Research suggests that there’s a plethora of health benefits when it comes to
masturbation , sex, and orgasms. Think of regular a climax as being as essential to a healthy life as lime is to a good gin and tonic!

  1. Yes, sex can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and support skin health
    Sex reduces stress, which is fabulous because, when it comes to orgasm, or rather your ability to have one, stress is hugely toxic. When you climax, your brain releases a whole host of feel-good chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin, this boost helps to reduce stress and can help to elevate your mood too, what’s not to love! This also extends to such stress triggered conditions such as certain issues you may have with your skin, namely rosacea and psoriasis. Essentially these skin problems could be helped by an orgasm a day. Orgasms also help to produce the sleep-inducing hormone, prolactin. So, theoretically you should enjoy better, and more restful sleep after an orgasm, and with a good night’s sleep under your belt, you’ll be better equipped to face the day.
  2. Sex helps boost a healthy immune system
    Aside from having all sorts of benefits when it comes to your mental health regular sex is also good for your physical health as well. When we orgasm our bodies release a chemical called DHEA, which helps to support a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system means fewer illnesses such as colds and flu. Another study of university students showed that those students reporting more than two orgasms per week had up to thirty percent more immunoglobulin, also known as antibodies, in their blood. These are molecules produced by plasma cells which are an integral part of a strong immune system as they bond themselves to antigens such as bacteria and viruses, aiding in their destruction.
  3. More sex means more orgasms which can help support a better diet
    Orgasms also make us healthier! A little known, and very happy side effect of regular climax, can be indulging in a better diet, consisting of healthier and more wholesome foods. Some studies have shown that having an orgasm releases Phenetylamine , a natural Amphetamine that helps to regulating your appetite, this means that you may make healthier food choices on a day-to-day basis. There’s also further evidence to support this, a study from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy showed that regular sexual activity, such as intercourse or masturbation, was connected to healthier hip and waist measurements.
  4. Sex helps boost your libido and in turn helps your overall genital health
    Now, it might sound like an obvious one but it’s definitely worth a mention. Regular orgasms also help to boost your libido, as it turns out, the more sex you have, the more you want. If you have a vagina then sexual activity helps to up your production levels of lubrication, it also increases blood flow to the genitals and improves overall genital health, all of which help make sex great!
  5. Sex and orgasms can be a great pain reliever
    Ready to don your cape? Because regular orgasms happen to make you a super hero! OK, so this isn’t entirely true, however they do heighten your pain threshold. An orgasm releases pain blocking chemicals, so if you accidentally stub your toe on the way to the bathroom for a post coital clean up, it won’t hurt as much! Climaxing can also aid such pesky problems as headaches, help to fight the common cold, and it has also been reported that during menstruation, regular orgasms offer relief to those of us who suffer from period pains and cramps.
  6. Regular sex can help you keep your muscles strengthened aiding bladder control
    An orgasm can help you to avoid any ‘oops’ moments. Around thirty percent of women will experience bladder control issues in their life time, and up to eleven percent of men will too. But, fear not, thankfully the orgasm is here to help! Having an orgasm contracts muscles linked to good bladder health, helping to strengthen them. Think of sex, or masturbation, as a sort of workout for these muscles, and the more you have the better tightened and toned they will be. This will result in better bladder control, and more confidence, all round.
    And the benefits don’t stop there
    Other overall benefits include feeling closer and more connected to your partner, and to yourself. Couples that engage in regular sexual activity, that is both mutually beneficial and sexually satisfying, have higher levels of both emotional and physical intimacy. Their levels of trust are also increased too, which makes for a happy and healthy relationship, both in and out of the bedroom… What’s not to love!

Olosho Places in Lagos [Ashawo Houses in Lagos]

Want to Locate the nearest olosho place in Lagos state? This will help you find it real fast!!! See List of Ashawo Joints And Address In Lagos State to cure konji.

These are the names of and addresses of Ashawo joints and Quarters in Lagos

These are the names and addresses of Ashawo joints and Olosho Quarters in Lagos Nigeria, you need to be aware of these places, because in life ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse. If you’re the reserved type, you can get decent runs girls from frescort.com. The newbies in Lagos should be aware of these places so that you may not unknowingly fall victim to any of these establishment. This way if you are going there, you are going there knowing fully well what you are entering there to do. Not the situation you mistakenly entered or you don’t know the purposes at which the place is established. It will also help guide you to choose in choosing where you or your family will reside, this way you know your kids and family are safe from things that are out of your control.There are various Ashawo joints in Lagos, too many to keep count, but these ones are the happening ones. Lagos being a commercial city attracts all manners of people, many people from different backgrounds and different countries.You have people from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria in large numbers working and doing business in Lagos, people from the Northern parts of the country especially Kano, Jigawa to others from the middle belt states like Benue, Taraba, and Kogi. We also have Easterners people from Abia, Imo and Akwa Ibom, down to Westerners from Oyo, Osun, etc.Lagos is just a mini Nigeria and such you are sure to see different girls in such joints. Lagos also attracts both males or females from other countries of the world, including many African countries.

Olosho Runs Girls waiting for clients

Top Ashawo joints in Lagos

These joints can be found both in Lagos island and Lagos mainland, but they are more in Lagos mainland.This is so because in this business that call Lagos Island home, have its own joints, there own joint is mobile, it doesn’t have a permanent office, it can move from place to place, this type of joint is usually very classy.They operate through calls and text. If you need their services you have to call them from escort directory.

Here are the list joints and their addresses proper:

Isaac John Street Ikeja

Rita Lori Hotel ,Surulere

Peka Pub On Opebi Road, Ikeja

Jolly Friends Pub Ajao Street Off Adeniyi Jones , Ikeja

Kuramo Beach Vi

Mayson Hotel Aka Ile Ashawo Bolade Bustop Oshodi.

Channel 5, Egbeda Lagos

Morison House, Ajah

Ashawo Complex Ojo Road ( Agboju ) Opp Festac Second Gate

Ikenga Girls ,ijesha Surulere

Happy Day Hotels ( Coker Road Surulere, Ijesha

ijora Road Near Orile Police Station

Ojo Road, Kirikiri

otto Road Ajengule

Ashy Heaven Apapa Along Eleganza Plaza.

Peoples Club Near Randle IjayeAso Rock Amukoko Ajengule.

Lori Lori Lagos Island.

The above are some joints not all the joints in Lagos Nigeria, because if you start mentioning all the joints control can be found in Lagos, we wouldn’t finish all of them. Many are springing up daily so it is kind of hard to keep count. All the same always make sure you play safe, in whatever you are doing including visiting these places, that is if you must visit. Otherwise, stick to one person.If you’re a single man and feel like sleeping with another single Lady (corporate ashawo/runs girl). You can still hookup at frescort.com


‌It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about meeting an an olosho in Nigeria for the first time. For many people, it’s a taboo subject which they are too embarrassed to talk about. But while keeping your private matters to yourself is perfectly fine, there’s no reason to be ashamed either. As long as you’re not doing anything wrong or illegal, you shouldn’t let yourself feel bad about it. However, if your nervousness is related to the fact that you’re not really sure how to go about such an encounter, don’t worry. There are a few simple things to get familiar with to solve this problem.

‌Choose an offer

‌Whether you’re looking for a slim or plumpy escort, in Nigeria, there are many agencies and directories to choose from. To find the best offers, you can visit review forums where you’ll find opinions about different companies. Reading such comments will give you a general idea about the services that are provided and what you can expect from them. If you’d rather not hire from an agency, you can always go online and choose someone from the many independent Escorts available. Whichever option you choose to go with, it’s important to get familiar with all the details in order to make a choice that will satisfy you.

Classy call girl

‌Stick to your budget

‌Before you make any arrangements, you should decide on your budget. You don’t have an unlimited amount of money to spend here, so set the top price you’re willing to pay and don’t cross it. Even if you find an offer that looks absolutely perfect, don’t book a meeting if the costs are too high. It’s all good to enjoy your time with someone attractive, but not if you’ll find yourself in debt because of it. And keep in mind that the listed prices are not negotiable, and hoping for a discount won’t get you far.

‌Let them know what you want

‌Once you choose an offer, it’s time to make a call and settle the details. If you visit an escort directory, i.e., frescort.com you’ll notice that all the services you can choose from are clearly listed there. It’s also worth noting that there are specific terms used to describe them. To make sure there are no misunderstandings between you and the provider, it may be a good idea to sacrifice a few minutes of your time and research the subject to find out what each of these phrases means. This way, you’ll be able to clearly state what you expect and learn whether it’s possible or not.

‌Be on time

‌You may be looking for an opportunity to spend your time in a way that will be fun and satisfying, but for the person you’re meeting with its work. They also have a schedule to follow and other commitments to attend. So you can’t expect to take more of their time than you booked. This means you shouldn’t arrive early, but even more importantly – don’t overstay your welcome. And remember that if something really urgent happens and you simply won’t be able to arrive on time, you should let an escort know about it.

‌Be respectful

‌If you want your meeting to be comfortable for both of you, you should treat each other with professionalism. This means you have to be respectful towards the person you’re seeing. And just to be clear, it’s not just about the way you behave, but it includes matters like personal hygiene as well. It may be your first time with an escort, but it’s the first meeting for the two of you. So take into consideration that both sides can feel a little bit uneasy at first.

‌Making the necessary arrangements and getting more information about this whole business should do the trick of calming your nerves a bit. Everything new and unknown seems complicated in the beginning. But at the end of the day, you’re meeting an escort to enjoy your time, so don’t let your stress ruin it for you.


Five top tips about getting into the escort profession(A.K.A Olosho/RunsGirl)

In case you’re considering getting into the escort / olosho industry, there are many factors to consider to before taking the plunge into a relatively secretive but very lucrative occupation. I have compiled a fundamental list of our top five tips, derived from the vast experience of operating in the industry.

Escort in Money

Why do you want to become an escort?

This is a fairly easy question for most potential escorts to answer. Often, the ladies and gentlemen starting in the industry are attracted to the ability to work for themselves and the glamorous and expensive lifestyle. Of course, the earning potential is also very lucrative and it works conveniently around studying at university or working a full-time job as it is mostly evening work. The reality is actually that quite few escorts do make big bucks and those that do tend to be full-time escorts because the late-night appointments make maintaining a day job a complicated act to juggle. However, if you are just looking for an easy top-up of your monthly day job salary, escorting is the perfect way to spend a few evenings each week.

If you know somebody who is an active escort or a former escort, even if it is via a tenuous connection, it is invaluable to set up a meeting and ask them to explain the specifics to the industry to you and any tips that they may have for somebody entering the business. An escort directory will often connect you with current escorts prior to starting mainly to provide reassurance and to put you at ease.

How safe is escort work?

Escort work is generally very safe providing that you follow a few basic rules and screen clients diligently. If you work with an escort agency, they are often very experienced and will know information about the clients each escort will see. The escort agency will also blacklist troublesome clients and filter timewasters. Working as an independent escort, the escort will have to quickly learn these important skills, especially how to identify and ignore timewasters. Agencies will keep track of the whereabouts of the escort to ensure that they arrive and leave appointments safely and can also provide a driver / security for escorts. Many escorts find this reassuring and will tend towards joining an agency rather than trying to go it alone as an independent escort. Independent escorts often form a “bestie” partnership where one will inform the other about their whereabouts and to check that they leave appointments safely and on time.

Escorts should never reveal too much personal information about themselves to a client because websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as well as other social media platforms can be used to identify somebody’s real identity. This can lead to numerous security and safety issues.

How to market yourself

Marketing oneself as an escort is quite a skill. Escort directories such as frescort.com help independent escorts to advertise on numerous paid or subscription-based platforms. Frescort.com also invest heavily in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to fine-tune their website to be looked upon favourably by search engine algorithms such as Google and Bing.

An independent escort need to register and create their profiles to start getting calls. The platforms allow escorts to read feedback on potential clients as well as clients to post feedback on the escort. Obviously, plenty of good feedback will help the escort connect with new clients, however, a few bad reviews can become immensely damaging to the reputation of an escort. For this reason, independent escorts often rebrand themselves annually, but more successful escorts with a strong brand may keep the same persona throughout their escorting career.

Attracting rich, regular clients

Successful escorts are usually very effective with building a reliable, regular client base. This is achieved by impressing clients and building a strong rapport with them. This will keep the client coming back. Seasoned escorts often will see three of four regular clients each week with the occasional new client every few days. Some escorts become so successful that they do not even see new clients and only see a collection of regulars. However, over time circumstances change and clients and escorts move on which is why meeting new clients frequently is the best method of creating a successful and fresh client base.

What rates to charge

Escort rates fluctuate wildly but ultimately the escort should charge what they personally feel their time is worth. The best way to decide in on the figure to charge is to do some research of escorts in the local area and calculate what the going hourly rate is and assess just how saturated the market is. It is important to be realistic about your expectations because if you set the rates too high a prospective client will simply look elsewhere and rest assured, they will find an escort in their price range. If you set the rates too low, you will not be receiving what you feel is your true worth. The best advice is to set the bar high and lower them accordingly if necessary.

Typically, escorts charge a one-hour rate which is reduced by 5% – 10% for subsequent hours, a dinner date rate and an overnight stay rate. High-end elite escorts often will not offer one-hour appointments and will state the minimum booking length at two or three hours, this may result in fewer appointments but more financial reward for the appointments they do undertake. It is important to charge the client a travel fee for outcall appointments which will vary depending upon the travel distance. Another tactic is to offer some form of discount to reliable regular clients that book long, high paying appointments. A nice gesture may be to waive the travel fee for regular clients to show some form of appreciation, which is often warmly received by respectful clients. Once new clients have been screened the escort will typically charge a deposit ranging from 25% – 50% of the booking fee for the first appointment. This ensures that the client is serious and will not cancel the appointment at the last minute or fail to show. Deposits are often not required for subsequent bookings with an existing client.

Where to find Escorts (Olosho)

I’ve been speaking to a lot of guys who are considering paying for sex, but they don’t really know where to start and the main question that I keep getting is

where do I find escorts popularly known as olosho in Nigeria?

Well, I’m gonna help y’all figure that out. Nowadays, there are plenty of escorts.

Websites and escort directory on the internet. Some are good some aren’t, but of course you need to watch out for fake ads, scammers and plenty of other traps that would make for a bad day or even worse put you in harm’s way.

Now when i first started getting into this, I wasn’t making as much money so I use cheap brothels mostly at night. I’m making more money and doing a bit better so I mainly use websites like Frescort.com and websites such as that now depending on your budget, your schedule, and what type of experience you’re looking for consider one website
over another there are definitely two different sides and different levels in this industry, so keep that in mind as well. I typically give myself a certain budget to pay for sex as you should as well every month or every two months and I try to stay within that budget in order to stay within my means now from my experience frescort is a fantastic website and it’s probably my favorite website to use so far just because you know they have verified escorts and the website itself is pretty easy to navigate. It is also free to use even though there is VIP membership which gives you access to explore more.
Now, there are typically a lot of escorts to choose from on this website which gives you plenty of options depending on what your budget is and your preferences and things like that and like the saying goes different strokes for different folks. You can choose to either do an in-call or an out-call appointment. Most escorts are strictly offering in-call sessions, though I have seen a lot more out calls being offered ever since the corona virus came out
and while it was up and running.
I would surprise you at how many
different providers you can actually find on social media platforms is all about digital sex work and sexting. Even though there are providers who do only fans and web game shows and things like that. There are a lot of women out there who only do that and do nothing physical which obviously isn’t what you guys are looking for. This means that these particular women will not meet Up with you. You will not be having sex with them. At the most, you’re just going to be jacking off to her pictures or her videos or webcam show which if you’re sitting here watching this video I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re looking for.

How much money you’re spending? What type of experience you’re trying to get? I hope you guys get out there and get what you need and get what you’re looking for because it’s definitely out there and it’s definitely obtainable at frescort.com.

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